Options for black owned beauty/skincare businesses

The beauty industry has overlooked the needs of black women for a long time. In the past, most beauty products, such as foundations, were only favorable to white complexions because the shades available could only suit the women with a white complexion.

If you wish to fill this huge gap in the beauty industry and consider the skin and makeup needs of black people, here are some beauty products you can consider selling:

Skin care

Many black women suffer from skin problems such as hyperpigmentation and acne. You can start a business that produces skin care products that suit black women.

Some beauty skin products in the market work best on white skin and not of much use against the melanin in black skin. A good example is a toner. Most toners lighten up the skin, but what about someone who naturally has black skin.

Your business can provide toners that work on dark skin complexions to serve clients who want their dark skins to glow.

Some black women struggle with acne but do not get much help from the anti-acne skin products in the market because they do not suit black skin. You can do research and formulate products that will help women of color combat acne too.


For a long time, black women could not enjoy putting on makeup because all the concealers, foundations, and setting powders favored white complexions and not dark ones. If a dark skinned woman put on makeup in the past, she ended up looking funny and weird because the makeup did not suit the shade of her skin.

You can set up a beauty business that provides foundations and concealers of different kinds of shade, to women with dark complexion. Black women will definitely appreciate this.

For a long time, black women have wore makeup that gave them a lighter complexion than what their shade really was, eventually leading to many young women going to extreme lengths such as bleaching their skin to permanently change their complexion from dark to light. After all, the world has shown them that light complexion is better and more favorable than dark complexion.

Producing foundations that blend with darker complexions will provide more options to black women and will therefore boost your business.


Your business can supply specific lipsticks that suit women of color best and help to complement and enhance their looks.

Some lipstick colors that look great on women with dark skin include red, copper brown, fuchsia, peach, taupe, magenta, rose pink, and chocolate brown, among others. As such, try to include such colors in the lipstick collection of your beauty store.


Most dark skinned women have coarse-textured hair. In the past, black women tried to fix this by heating their hairs with tools such as blow driers and tongs in order to make their hair straight. Others applied chemicals to make their hair smooth and soft.

The modern black woman has embraced her coarse hair and most women now prefer to leave their hair in its natural state. You can set up a beauty store that will provide hair products for coarse-textured hair such as hair foods, shampoos, and treatments.


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