A beginners guide to cosmetic fillers

Cosmetic fillers are dermal fillers administered to the body through injections. They are popular in modern culture because they help to erase the visible signs of age like wrinkles and elastic skin temporarily.

Many women in the entertainment industry rely on cosmetic fillers to retain their youthful looks and expand the range of roles available in the industry.

Recently, several famous men confessed to using cosmetic fillers as well.

If you are also thinking of getting these dermal injections, here is everything you need to know about them.

What are cosmetic fillers?

They are substances that look like gel that a cosmetic surgeon injects beneath your skin. The dermal fillers soften the creases on your face, enhance the contours on your face depending on your preference, smooth the lines on your face, and tighten your skin to give it a youthful glow.

Cosmetic fillers are gaining popularity by the day because they are an easy, painless, affordable way of looking younger and boosting self-confidence.

How will cosmetic fillers improve your looks?

  • Dermal fillers will soften the lines on your face particularly those around your nose and mouth, also known as parentheses and marionette lines, giving you a youthful face.
  • If you have any vertical lines on your lips, these cosmetic fillers will diminish them.
  • Are you developing a rough crease on your chin of late? Worry not because the dermal injections will smoothen out your chin.
  • Perhaps you have realized the features of your face are asymmetrical. Getting cosmetic fillers will make your face appear balanced on all sides.
  • Maybe you have thin lips and you secretly wish you could have plump lips like those of your favorite celebrity. Well, dermal injections in your lips will definitely give you the lips you desire.
  • Do your temple and cheeks appear thin and sunken? If they do, no need to despair any more. Cosmetic fillers will lift up the skin, thus making it appear fuller and tighter.

Types of cosmetic fillers

Hyaluronic acid

It will help to reduce any wrinkles and soft lines on your skin. The effects of Hyaluronic acid last up to two years.

However, the acid may cause swelling and red patches on your skin.

Hyaluronic acid fillers include, Prevelle Silk, Restylane Silk, Juvederm Ultra, and Belotero Balance among others.

Synthetic fillers

Synthetic fillers consist of chemicals that do not occur naturally in the body. Some synthetic fillers include, silicone, Bellafill, and Sculptra.

These fillers provide long lasting effects as compared to other cosmetic fillers.

The side effects of synthetic fillers include, disfigurement of the face when administered wrongly, bruising and swelling in the injected area, visible lumps on the skin, and formation of red patches in the injected parts.

Other cosmetic fillers include collagen fillers and autologous fillers among others.

Side effects of cosmetic dermal injections

Cosmetic fillers are different from Botox injections because Botox relaxes the muscles beneath the wrinkles, while cosmetic fillers insert certain substances into the wrinkled areas to make them appear fuller.

The procedure of getting the cosmetic dermal injections is quick and easy taking only about thirty minutes.

However, the chemical substances injected into your body may have some side effects like:

  • You may develop allergic reactions to the chemical injected in your skin. In extreme cases, it may lead to scarring.
  • Tiny visible lumps may form on your skin in the area where you had the injections. In some cases, these lumps may be permanent.
  • You may get the Tyndall effect. This is your skin’s reaction to the chemicals by forming a blue discoloration in the injected area. The bluish color may last for several months although there is treatment available.
  • If the cosmetic surgeon is inexperienced and administers the injections to you in the wrong way like giving you an extremely high or low dose of injection or injecting the wrong area, these mistakes may result into the death of the skin cells in the affected area.
  • Cosmetic fillers that have effects that are more permanent have led to blindness in some clients.
  • In extreme cases, these cosmetic fillers have caused nerve paralysis in some users.

Before you have any cosmetic procedure, ensure to talk with your cosmetic surgeon and understand the risks involved. Doing so will help you proceed with caution because you will have all the facts. If you feel like the risks are bearable because the benefits of looking younger are worth much more, then go ahead.


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