Personalized skincare options and products

The condition of your skin not only influences the way you perceive yourself but also your susceptibility to diseases and skin infections. Skin type varies from one person to another depending on genetics, internal physiology, and the external conditions within which the skin is subjected to, such as weather and skin care products. There are four basic categories of skin types. These are normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin.

For a person with a sensitive skin type, one wrong ingredient in a product can cause irritations or breakouts. Personalized skin care products are based on your skin type, your way of life, your environment, and usability habits. Using them thereby reduces the need for trial and error, which can lead to permanent skin damage.

Personalized skin care options and products


This holistic approach seeks to take care of the skin in relation to the whole body. The diagnosis involves answering questions such as your skin type, your stress levels, environment, and diet. After the test, you get your skin map showing you your problem and the possible causes. Skinsei offers two packages: the core kit and the complete kit. Depending on your results and the kit you choose, you get customized products, which include a cleanser, serum, and a moisturizer for the core kit and cleanser, serum, moisturizer, masks, finisher and essence for the complete kit package.

Neutrogena Skin Scanner

This is a skin scanner that comprises an app and a scanner device. After connecting the scanner to your phone camera, the scanner system will evaluate your skin moisture content, pores, lines, acne, and black spots and come up with a personalized skin score. Although the Neutrogena Skin Scanner does not offer suggestions/ products to be used, you can use the personalized analysis to choose the right ingredients and treatments for your skin.

Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations

This apothecary station carries out skin tests in a simple and free process. After making consultations and answering a few questions on your environment and skin routines, Kiehl’s will come up with a personalized combination that suits your skin type and structure. The testing is simple and takes into consideration features such as wrinkles, clarity of the skin, and condition of the pores (normal or enlarged), redness, and texture.


They use a question and selfie technique to know about your skin care history and goals. After that, you are assigned a personal skin care provider to help you come up with an appropriate skin care routine and to answer all your questions. To get the data they need to formulate a routine for you, the provider will ask test questions to find out your overall health history, other medications, your skin type, area, and duration of breakouts, your environment among others. Apart from the personal consultant, curology will offer you a daily face cream, a moisturizer, and the chance to swap your skin care routine in case you find problems using their prescription.

Benefits of using personalized skincare products

You can take control and account for every ingredient

While buying normal products, many people rarely read all the product composition and ingredient. This is because either they do not know the effects of particular ingredients on their skin or the outlook is just too enticing. However, every skin type reacts differently to different products. While using personalized skin care, you are sure that the ingredients are free of any allergic components that may cause reactions or breakouts.

Effective and simple with no extra work

Skin care can be time consuming especially when there are dozens of products and steps to follow. Some people even end up forgetting ointments or other steps while trying to save time. However, with personalized products, all ingredients are blended together into a skin care formula, thus making the entire process simple and stress free.

Additionally, formulas are made to address specific skin concern; therefore, it is more effective compared to the normal trial and error.

Saves time and money

Shopping for skin care products can be tiresome and time consuming especially when you are not sure of the right product for your skin. You may even be tempted to add more layers and products, which may not work in the end. Since personalized skin care starts with skin testing, you are not only sure that the product will work but also what exactly you need. This will save you the money spent on countless skin care products.

Personalized skin care creates room for accountability

When your personalized product does not produce expected results, you have the opportunity to ask for a swap, test for the second time, or consult your skin care provider.

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