Best cruelty-free makeup products

What is a cruelty free product?

A cruelty free make up product or brand is a term used to describe products that are not tested on animals or whose ingredient and composition has not been tested on animals. Often, during consumer testing or comparative testing, brands test the properties and effects of products and ingredients before they are released into the market. Animals used for cosmetics testing include rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and humane alternatives.

Can a makeup product be cruelty free but not vegan?

When a product is vegan, it means that it does not include any animal derived ingredients in its composition. Therefore, a product can be cruelty free and vegan at the same time or neither.

Why you should use cruelty free make up products

They are healthier compared to normal products

Using cruelty free products means avoiding chemicals and synthetic dyes, hence, you will reduce the possibility of allergies, breakouts, and skin inflammation. In addition to this, a brand that does not harm animals for the sake of testing will also avoid hurting people too or adding harmful ingredients.

It narrows your options hence more mindful beauty practices

When you have few choices, you will have the opportunity to consider each products individual composition and whether it is worth adding to your make-up collection.

You have the opportunity to stand for what you believe in

 There are a number of brands that offer quality cruelty free makes up products. When you forego the usual make up products, you send a signal and indicate your stand that animal testing is inhumane and wrong. When more people take this stand, companies will begin to change their practices.

You save money and animals

If you love pets and other animals, then your goal should be to see all animals healthy and strong. Many cruelty free companies offer quality, affordable, and budget friendly make up. In addition to this, product testing is not done on mice only but also cats, dogs, or even rabbits that end up either blinded or caged when the test is over.

Best cruelties free make up products

Shopping for cruelty free products can be confusing since each brand has its own terms and definitions. Therefore, if you are planning to buy cruelty free make up products, here is a list of the best products and brands. All these brands are certified under the gold standard for all cruelty free make up and cosmetics.

1. Bareminerals Make Up Brand

This make up brand is not only cruelty free but does not use preservatives, oils, scents, and fragrances that have damaging chemicals. They deal in a variety of makeup products including foundations and eyeshade but specialize in liquid lipsticks and lip liners. Their newly launched Gen Nude collection suits all skin tones and shades. In addition to that, they focus on clean beauty products in affordable and fair prices for all their consumers.

2. Illamasqua

This is a famous world-leading brand in makeup and cosmetics. The brand has a large following from both bloggers and celebrities due to its keen colour combination, texture, price, and product sourcing. The brand does not test its products on animals or use ingredients that have been tested on animals. It has durable formulas, bold colours, and new products that are launched every month. Illamasqua deals in a variety of makeup products such as lipsticks, lip liners, lip polish, blusher, and powders.

3. Fenty Beauty (Riri)

This brand has a 40 foundation shades a package that is commonly known as the fenty effect. It is completely cruelty free from ingredients to the actual products. Fenty Beauty deals in plush matte lipstick, Shimmer skin stick, and long wear foundation.

4. The Body Shop

This was the first global cosmetics company to campaign for the end of animal testing. It leads in sourcing and providing fair ingredients for all its beauty and make up products. The body shop has continuously worked with cruelty free international with an aim to fight and wipe out animal testing. Therefore, all its products are cruelty free in terms of ingredients and the actual products. They deal with products such as eye shadows, concealers, powders, and lip juicers.

Other brands that deal in cruelty free make up products include:

  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Urban Decay
  • Hourglass
  • NYX Cosmetics
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty
  • Anastacia Beverly Hills

Since animal testing has not been approved as the only method to test the safety of cosmetics and other ingredients, brands and individuals can still come up with humane and safe testing methods that protect both animals and human beings.

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