Best grooming subscription boxes for men

Subscription boxes have become extremely popular of late. As the name implies, they are boxes that are delivered over a repeated time period, and they are usually organized around a certain theme or topic. Men’s grooming boxes are one of the many forms of these boxes, and they come in a variety of formats. Here’s a look at some of the best.

Birchbox Grooming

Birchbox Grooming comes with many positives. You fill out a profile about what you’re likes are, and what kind of products you might be interested in receiving. From there, Birchbox will send you one box a month containing a variety of shampoos, deodorants, and more. The service is cheap: A mere $10 a month or $110 a year – and the variety that they send you is notable. You can also upgrade your subscription to get an extra goodie in your box. Examples include items like wallets.


This is a particularly unique subscription box, as it is geared explicitly around your teeth! Goby will send you a toothbrush – this is the most expensive part of the actual subscription. From there, you will get new brushes and brush heads on a regular basis. This service is relatively new, and it seems likely that they will expand their product offerings in the future. They brag that they are cheaper than purchasing toothbrushes normally and also offer a free trial period in order to determine if their services are right for you.


hims is for skin and hair, but this isn’t just over-the-counter content. In order to get this subscription, you first have to speak with professional dermatologists that work with the company. From there, you will get skincare and hair products, including products that are designed to replace lost hair or strengthen existing hair. You can also order additional products, like medication for erectile dysfunction. This includes skin careproducts, shampoo, supplements, and more. As you can imagine, these grooming products aren’t cheap, and they can run you as much as $49 every month.


As the name clearly implies, Scentbird is meant for men who want to try new fragrances. For $15 a month, Scentbird will send you small amounts of scents that you can experiment with. Find one you like? You can order that one on a regular basis. The service can be used by men or women, and they will give you a discount for your first month in order to allow you to figure out if you like the service. 

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