How to care for dry/damaged hair

If your hair is dry, you need to establish some serious hair care routine to prevent it from extreme damage.

You may experience damaged hair because of various factors like:


When the application of dye goes wrong, it may lead to serious hair damage. This is because the chemicals contained in the dye might reduce the natural moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle.

So, what do you do when your hair deteriorates after getting a dye?

  • Use olive oil on the damaged dyed hair. Olive oil will soften and hydrate the hair eventually returning it to its original natural moisturized texture.
  • Choose a shade that is almost similar to your natural hair color. Darker shades will also to help minimize the damage compared to having something like bright orange dry hair.
  • Reduce the frequency of dying. When you take longer before going for a dye touch up, you reduce the damage done to the hair. You will therefore have to reduce the number of times you wash your hair, and when you do, use shampoos specifically formulated for washing dyed hairs, and then rinse with cool water.
  • Visit a hair colorist who will help you by using the right hair products to reduce the damage done to your hair.


Bleaching your hair from a dark shade to a lighter shade can have adverse effects on your hair. Bleaching removes the natural color of your hair from every strand by dissolving melanin, the natural color pigment of your hair. This leaves your hair brittle, less elastic, dry, weak, and porous.

What do you do with such hair?

  • Consider using almond oil, which is good in softening hair and making the hair strands strong to minimize breakage.
  • You may also try rinsing your bleached hair with rice water. Rice contains Inositol, which has replenishing properties and will penetrate the damaged strands of hair and repair them from within.
  • Consider wearing capes when outside. When bleach damages your hair, it becomes very vulnerable to Ultra Violet rays from the sun, which may add further damage to the hair. You can also use specific hair sprays that protect the hair from damage by UV light.
  • Avoid exposing your hair to chlorine. When bleach damages your hair, it becomes porous and when it meets chlorine, it may become more dry and weak. The swimming pool is one of the areas your hair may encounter chlorine.

Hair heaters

Another common source of damaged hair is the hair heater. Using heat frequently to style your hair will eventually damage it and leave it dry and porous.

Unfortunately, you cannot completely avoid heating your hair, especially if the texture of your hair is course.

Here is what you can do to minimize the effects of heat.

  • When blow drying your hair, try doing it at a distance to limit the amount of heat encountering your hair.
  • Coconut oil will also help your hair fight the effects of heat damage by penetrating into the hair strands and hydrating the hair from the inside.
  • You can also try air drying, whereby you completely avoid any heat after washing your hair and instead let the hair dry by itself.

You now have what it takes to care for your hair and keep it strong and healthy.

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