Why is SPF important in a skincare routine?

SPF is the abbreviation for Sun Protection Factor. It refers to the measure or ability of (how well) a sunscreen product will protect your skin from ultra violet rays, radiation, sunburns, or damaged skin. Dermatologists and skin care specialists recommend using a sunscreen, which blocks at least 97 percent of the sun’s ultra violet rays with an SPFof 30 and above.

Reduces the risk of cancer

According to the skin cancer foundation, protecting your skin everyday by using sunscreen lotions reduces the risk of skin cancer by up to 50 percent. This includes cancer types such as melanoma, which is aggressive and life threatening. Compared to a person who uses sunscreen, people who do not use sunscreen is at a higher risk of contracting cell carcinoma, a type of cancer, which affects the skin cells and the entire skin structure. Exposing your skin to too much radiation damages the genetic component in your skin cells. When the rapidly dividing cells grow out of control, they cause skin cancer, hence, the need to include sunscreen in your daily routine.

Helps protect against the visible signs of premature aging

Over exposure to sunlight increases the appearance of wrinkles, face lines, and other aging signs. This is because exposure to radiations causes spotting, thus making the skin lose its elasticity. To prevent premature aging ensures that you not only use sunscreen daily but also use one that protects both UVA and UVB sunrays.

Offers protection against sun burns

Sunscreen protects your skin against the scorching sun and the broad spectrum of harmful ultraviolet rays. It not only minimises the penetration but also lessens the damaging effects. This helps to reduce skin disorders, such as blotchiness, tanning, and sunburns.

Improves your general health and appeal of your skin

Applying sunscreen protects essential proteins in the skin, which keeps the skin smooth, healthy, and soft. It also helps you keep an even skin tone by reducing skin tanning. This not only contributes to your confidence but also your appearance.

Tips to choosing the best sunscreen

  • Start with an SPF of 30 and maintain the range up to 50: Choose a product that has the broad-spectrum label meaning they not only protect sunburns but also aging and cancer. Ensure that your sunscreen has an SPF factor of 30 and above so that you can be sure of total protection
  • Pick a water-resistant not waterproof sunscreen lotion when planning for swimming or any water involving activity.
  • Read the sunscreens key combinations/ingredients. This will help you ensure you have the best quality and the protection you need
  • Consider your skin type: Although most sunscreens are designed for people with dry or sensitive skin, people with normal skin tones can still use them with instructions from a dermatologist.
  • Consider alcohol based sunscreens if you are prone to acne
  • Integrate it into your normal routine and be consistent.

In order to enjoy the benefits of a good sunscreen, consistency is important.


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