How to establish a hair care routine for curly hair

Your hair is like a crown on your head. It is the second thing that captures peoples’ attention after your face. Hair care is very important to both men and women not only because it contributes to your overall health but also because it is subjected to a lot of pollution, adverse weather, and chemicals.

Whether you have the long wavy hair or the short curly type, taking care of your hair can be quite a hassle when you do not have an established routine. Here are a few steps on how to establish a hair routine for both long and short curly hair.

Factors to consider before establishing a curly hair care routine

Chemical processing, dyes or bleached hair

A hair care routine for natural hair is simple and less demanding. However, when it comes to chemically processed hair, you will need to think about possible reactions and fading. For people with dyed hair, washing it every day might cause fading prematurely while people with bleached hair may require extra conditioner and masks to seal in moisture.

Daily styling

Your preferences and daily styling will influence your hair routine. If you are a fan of heat tools, then you will have to consider heat protection oils and products.

Special concerns

These include specific aspects of your hair that you want to improve. This may include damaged edges, hair breakage, flaky scalp, hair frizz, damaged strands among others. It is normal to have a few hair problems, and understanding it will ensure you include the best solution in your hair care routine.

Other hair concerns: aging, menopause, pregnancy

Hormones produced during pregnancy can affect the natural look of your hair; estrogen is associated with hair thickening and loss at the edges. Menopause and aging is often linked to hormonal imbalance, which lead to hair loss and thinning.

The best curly hair routine

Shampoo your curls

Washing curly hair dries out your hair faster since compared to straight hair, curly hair takes long before oils move from the root to the tip. Washing curly hair frequently makes it brittle, irritates your scalp, and roughens up the strands, thus making it prone to breakage and dandruffs. When applying shampoo, focus on the roots to ensure the oil and dirt is removed. Brush from the roots to the ends. You may wash your hair at least once a week or find a perfect duration that works for you.

Cleansing products to consider

  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Daily shampoo

Apply a conditioner

Conditioning curly hair makes it look soft and shiny. Apply a pea-sized amount and weave your hands through it to remove possible tangles. You can condition your hair thrice a week to ensure it is fresh and hydrated. Focus on the strands and edges and avoid conditioning the roots, as it will make your scalp look dirty and greasy.

Conditioning products to consider

  • Leave in conditioner
  • Deep conditioner
  • Daily/rinse out conditioner

Apply a moisturizer and a sealing mask

This two-step process involves applying a moisturizer and a hair mask to seal it. A moisturizer helps to hydrate the curly hair as well as avoid dry and cracked scalp.

Moisturizing and sealing products to consider

  • Hair lotions
  • Natural oils
  • Processed oils


This is a key step for curly hair. It helps stop breakage and make brushing easier. Use the right tools such as a wide toothed wooden comb to avoid pulling out hair. You may need to detangle your hair every day or at least once in three days.

Detangling tools

Style and protect

Styling includes applying volumizers, gels, and any other style you want. When using heated tools, apply heat protection sprays to prevent damage and breakage.

Styling products to consider

  • Mousse
  • Wax
  • Pomade
  • Gel
  • Dry shampoo
  • Volumizer and texturizer
  • Heat protection serum/spray

Spot treat

A spot treat is a specialized treatment that focuses on one particular area that is damaged. It may include the scalp or frizzy hair.

Spot treatments

  • Protein treatment
  • Scalp treatment
  • Targeted mask

Although the outcome of using some products can be noticeable after a few days, you cannot guarantee overnight change. However, with the right products, consistency, and order you will reap the benefits. It is also important to note that your hair takes time to get accustomed to new products and routines. As such, minimize the rate at which you introduce new products and you will be sure to reap the benefits in the long term.

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