Age-defying makeup tips and tricks

As you age, your skin tends to lose its youthful look, hence the need to improve your skin care routine and make up combination to help retain this glow. Fortunately, there are several age-defying make up tricks that will not only reduce the wrinkles and fine lines but also highlight your brows and help improve your confidence.

Use a concealer as a contour

Use a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your normal skin and apply around your lips to increase the contrast between your lips and your skin. It will help you achieve a gentle but sculpted photo look. When choosing a concealer for contouring, work with one shade lighter when highlighting and two shades when accentuating your facial features. Another great trick is to use a matte bronzer or contouring powder across the hollows of your cheeks, as this makes your face appear younger by enhancing the structure and outline. However, be moderate in application since over defining can highlight aging lines hence presenting an opposite effect.

Use foundation sticks to get the best coverage

Foundation sticks offer more coverage while also serving as concealers. They are easy to use when creating a flawless base. Foundation sticks work well with all skin types, although they are specifically designed for normal and dry skin since they are creamy and blend easiest with normal skin. To get best results, draw short lines gently around your face or use dots for a lighter application. Use a foundation brush to work from the middle of your face upwards. Avoid too much brushing and always choose high quality products.

Highlight your lips with a glow

Choose lipstick shades that are specifically designed for mature women such as a matte lipstick – they will give a perfect look without drawing too much attention. You can also apply shimmer powder on top of the lipstick for a bright glow. Depending on your skin tone, apply a pale highlighter at the edge of your lips to make them more defined and finish it by applying a pale dot on your bottom lip to make it appear fuller and flattering.

Get some Smokey eyes

To create an elegant and perfect Smokey eye, start by picking dull colors for the base such as grey or brown. Next apply an eye shadow over the eyelid and a base line along the lash. Ensure you coat the surface between the lashes with a dull color. Gently build intensity, and a smooth surface, so that all colors can appear gradually and evenly. For a glamorous look, avoid using too much eye shadow or covering the entire eyelid, since this can often make you look older instead.

Other tips to help you look younger include

  • Use sheer coverage
  • Focus on the lashes and the brows
  • Use moderate amounts of powder
  • Highlight strategically and evenly
  • Use safe skin care products immediately after bathing
  • Incorporate a facial massage routine in your daily chores
  • Exfoliate and consider collagen supplements
  • Limit your sodium intake

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