Tips for styling your hair between washes (i.e. dry shampoo, headbands, etc.)

While washing your hair daily seems like the best hair grooming routine for many people, it is not always the best for some hair types. This is because different hair types have different moisture content, appearance, and texture. For example, washing dry and curly hair daily may end up causing more hair breakage and scaling since hair types require less friction and more moisture.

Whether you have the thick curly hair or the slick straight hair, here are some tips to remember when styling your hair between washes:

Use dry shampoo

A dry shampoo will help you freshen up your hair and remove the oil and grease, which makes your hair feel stringy and limp. To get the best results, hold the shampoo a few inches from your hair and spray directly starting from the roots to the tip. Spray one section of the hair at a time giving special attention to the hairline, the nape of the neck, and the crown of the head, since these areas are more prone to oils. After using the shampoo, you will need to refresh your strands or put on a new style.

Go for simple but elegant hairstyles

There is something about the oily strands that make them stick together in a good way. For a sleek ponytail, comb back your hair with a soft brush starting from the roots to the tip. Pull it up and you will be set for a flattering look. While brushing your hair, ensure you use a paddle brush in place of a round brush in as it works well in distributing the natural oils from your scalp to the rest of the hair. Other hairstyles for greasy hair include double Dutch braid crown, messy bun, polished low bun, quick side ponytail, slicked back up do and simple curls.


Co-washing means washing your hair with a conditioner only. This is a perfect solution for dry hair because it is convenient and requires less work. To get perfect results, saturate your hair with water from the roots to the tips in order to help loosen the strands and distribute the conditioner evenly. Use enough amount of conditioner to massage the scalp gently to help break down oils and residues from styling products. Finally, use a clarifying shampoo to clear sweat and style residues. People with straight hair or dermatitis, however, should avoid co-washing alone since it does not fully eliminate oil and grease build up.


A headband is an elastic band that you place over your head to absorb sweat and prevent it from reaching the face. For a perfect look, keep the headband simple but classic. You can wrap a headscarf with your hair let down or with a high up do. Tuck the ends of the scarf but avoid tying it too tightly since it can restrict blood flow. You can easily cover your greasy roots after spraying a dry shampoo or brushing your hair.

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