What are the current trends in the beauty industry?

The beauty industry is always growing and getting creative with time. Things that trended in the past are no longer in style and if history is any indication, then the current beauty trends will also go out of fashion soon.

This is the greatest time to keep up with the beauty industry. Here are some of the latest trends you may want to check out:

Eye makeup trends

It is time to get creative and try something new with your eyes. The eyes are the window to one’s soul and should therefore look amazing at all times. Here are some new eye makeup looks you can consider:

Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are one of the few eye makeup techniques that have stood the test of time. This classic, timeless look is suitable for all types of eyes and will leave your eyes with an attractive and mysterious look.

A complete smoky eyes makeup has a twinkling lusterless blend that goes with any outfit. You can apply a smoky eye to work, school, a dinner event, a party, or any other social gathering.

Neon eyes

Neon is the new black. Take advantage of the ongoing neon craze and try out the neon eyes makeup look.

This look is great for parties. The neon lights will make your eye makeup glow in the dim lighting of the party, giving you and edgy, colorful look.

Popular colors that glow best in neon light include lime green, bright orange, and bright pink.

Feathery eyebrows

You have probably seen how the shape and colors of eyebrows have received attention this year. In the past, thin eyebrows were considered the best but of late, thick natural eyebrows are gaining popularity, especially in the entertainment industry.

Do not be left behind. Let your eyebrow hairs grow out and have them threaded into a feathery look. The feathery eyebrow seems to compliment every makeup look by giving it a natural finish.

One tip to consider when fixing your eyebrows is to go with the color of your hair. If your hair is brown, for instance, go with brown eyebrows as well instead of the standard black for a matched complete natural look.

Lips makeup trends

Let us talk about the lips. One of the most important part of your entire makeup look is your lips. The color of your lips can make or break your entire look. Here is some of the best lips makeup trending:

The classic red lipstick

Most women all over the world own at least one red lipstick. The main reason why red lipstick is universal is that it is timeless and compliments almost every makeup look as well as any outfit.

Red lips are alluring and attractive in any setup, so ensure that when you update your lipstick collection, you include at least one red lipstick.

Women who wear red lipstick are considered bold and confident in their goals in life, whether at work or at school.

Nude lips

Do you wish to go with a more natural make up look? If you do, then nude lipstick will do the trick for you.

Nude lipstick has a variety of shades. As such, make sure that you select the color that matches your skin to give the illusion that you are not wearing any lipstick at all.

Nude lipstick is popular because it gives you fuller, plumper lips when applied correctly.

Unusual colored lips

If you are the bold kind and is not afraid to express yourself artistically and creatively, then you may want to pick a lipstick color that is unique and daring.

The uncommon colors that are trending in the beauty industry are green, white, blue, purple, and black. Such bold colors will definitely attract attention to your lips.

Trending hairstyles

 Your hair is the most important part of your look. Great makeup with bad hair is generally not an attractive look. Most people will notice your hair first before focusing on your eyes, eyebrows, or lips.

Here are some hair looks that are currently trending:

Short hair cuts

Short hair is trending because it is easy to maintain and will give you a chic look to compliment you makeup and outfit.

Natural hair

Hair with natural texture has become popular this season. In the past, everyone loved styled hair but women are now learning to embrace their natural look, including their hair texture. Rough textured hair is now among the most desirable hairstyles one can have.


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